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Carboxytherapy is a treatment for cellulite, stretch marks, and dark under-eye circles.

It originated in French spas in the 1930s.

It uses infusions of carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas in the body. It’s a quick, 15- to 30-minute procedure. Carboxytherapy is used to treat cellulite, dark under-eye circles, and stretch marks. People who undergo the procedure find an improvement in:

  • Lymphatic circulation

  • Skin elasticity

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • It also aids with collagen repair and the destruction of fatty deposits.

Additionally, it can help reduce under-eye circles by increasing blood flow to the eyelid. Some physicians have also used the therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, acute arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, and alopecia caused by poor blood circulation.

You can return to normal routines immediately, aside from swimming and bathing in a tub for 24 hours after treatment for cellulite or fat reduction.

Most people need 4 to 10 sessions.

Carboxytherapy can be used on the:

  • Face

  • Eyelids

  • Neck

  • Stomach

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Buttocks

  • Vaginal

  • Scalp

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