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Sculptage is an innovative non-invasive device developed by BTL. Building muscles and burning fat at the same time is not a dream anymore. In only 30 minutes, an energy pulse will have stimulated muscle contraction for 40,000 times.

The electromagnetic wave of the treatment can penetrate up to 7cm deep down the muscle layer so as to trigger extreme contraction exercises that the human body cannot achieve autonomously. Meanwhile, the ultra-fast metabolism of cells is stimulated and accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth.

Sculptage is the only treatment that builds 16% of muscles and burns 20% of fat simultaneously.

Seven independent studies in the United States have provided strong academic support.

It has been certified by the US FDA, CE, TGA, as well as 7 pieces of independent academic research in the United States.

THREE NOs: No radiation, No freezing, and No high temperature to heat the epidermis! It is absolutely safe and highly effective.

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