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The technology achieves heat penetration that can stimulate neocollagenesis, subsequently approaching deep dermis and sub-dermal layers of your skin, and productively tighten and reconstruct your skin after the process. Some people may have concerns regarding any side effects. However, this is what makes Radiofrequency Microneedling so unique. In fact, with the power and depth of the energy delivered to the skin can be controlled efficiently.

The Indications, RF Microneedling London

1. Skin Tightening

2. Deep Wrinkle Reduction

3. Texture Improvement

4. Acne and Acne Scar Reduction

  • Boxcar Scars: Broad, usually box-like depressions with sharply defined edges. Mostly form on lower cheeks and jaws, where the skin is rather thick.

  • Ice Pick Scars: Smaller, point down into the skin’s surface. Require tough and constant treatments. Mostly form on the cheeks.

  • Rolling Scars: Make the skin appear wavy and uneven.

5. Traumatic Scar Reduction

6. Stretch Mark Reduction

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